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On Your Best Behavior

The Barking Lot (daycare based learning)

Ruff Relations (daycare based learning)

Pawsitive Experience (daycare based learning)


Sundance Kennels



Halti – “HALTI is best known for its market-leading head collars, harnesses and training leads that help dog owners address their no. 1 behavioural complaint – dogs pulling on the lead.” To order you can call our clinic or see their website (https://www.companyofanimals.us/brands/halti) for more information 

Boomerang Tags – Identity tags that fit around the collar to eliminate friction and ensure that they stay on the collar even during a long day of running and playing. See their website (https://www.boomerangtags.com/page.php?c=collartags) for more information and ordering.

Lysine treats – Upper respiratory viruses are extremely common in cats and Dr. Hite had found L-lysine treats work as a great supplemental immune boast for cats. Call our clinic to for more information and ordering.

Pala-tech – It’s no fun watching your dog get older but Pala-tech can help keep your dog moving. It is a natural supplement that includes many building blocks that the body uses to help keep muscle and avoid arthritis. Call our clinic for more information and ordering.

Hartman’s Hip Helper – “A Dog Harness for canine mobility which allows your support and assistance to dogs who are disabled or crippled due to hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, arthritis, spinal injuries, surgery, degenerative joint disease or other conditions.” See their website (http://www.hartmanharness.com/) for more information.