Camp Road Animal Clinic has been serving the Southtowns for many, many decades. First owned and operated by Dr.Swart, it was purchased by Dr. Tonia Hite in 2007. Since then, she has worked very hard to establish personal connections to every client and patient to give the best possible care she can. She is a graduate of Ross University who truly loves the animals that she takes care of. She’s a mother of a boy and a girl. She has a dog named Keeta.

Meet The Staff

Leanne is a LVT who graduated from Medialle College in 2011. She’s a proud mom of 2 girls. She has two Boxers named Bella and Tyson, and a cat named Jack.

Racheal is an LVT, who is currently a senior at Medialle College finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Technology. She has applied to DVM programs and hopes to attend for Fall of 2018. She enjoys horseback riding and owns one dog named Polo.

Kelly is a Veterinary Assistant who has aspirations of pursuing her DVM once done with undergraduate studies. For now she goes to SUNY Fredonia for Biochemistry and does a variety of extracurricular activities. She owns two dogs and trains them regularly.

Nicole is a Veterinary Assistant who has a love for helping animals in any way she can. When she’s not in the clinic, she enjoys spending her time with her daughter & her pets. She also has a passion for traveling and experiencing new things. She loves cheese. All kinds. Except Swiss, Swiss is gross.

Rick is a Veterinary Assistant with 20/20 vision and a big personality. He is the owner of Smokes Creek kennels and raises only champion beagles.


Sylvester is our clinic cat. He runs the show, greeting all our clients and providing comfort when they need it.

Keeta is Dr.Hite’s dog and she comes to work every day. She always runs in with a smile on her face and her tail wagging at a 100 miles per hour.